The company, 'reddymaid' consists of 15 lower sixth girls from The Red Maids' School.
Hilary - Managing Director
Hilary has the power and keeps us all in line. She's been the driving force behind us.
Nikki - Design Director
Nikki creates the displays e.g. our prize-winning stall at 'The Galleries' and our noticeboard.
Philippa - Finance Director
Keeps the books all accurately balanced, making sure the figures add up.
Amy - ICT Director
Amy helps run the website, adding pretty pictures, and keeps the company's e-mail account in order.
Sanjana - Marketing Director
Sanj also helps promote the company; she informs people about our fund-raising events.
Heather - Operations Director
Heather organises the production of the book, and checks everything is 100%.
Philippa - Personnel Director
Philly helps run 'worker of the week' by awarding members of the company who've worked hard.
Jade - Sales Director
Jade devises up ways we can target different markets and sell in different locations.
Giuliana - Secretary
Giuls keeps the minutes for the company and informs the rest of us what is going on.
Joanne - Finance Director
Jo checks the money going in and out of the business.
Angela -ICT Director
Ange runs the website keeping it updated, and updates the company's database.
Alex H-Marketing Director
Alex promotes public awareness of our company, liasing often with the press.
Alex S- Operations Director
Ali helped organise our book, by checking quotes and different printers.
Harriet - Personnel Director
Harri keeps us motivated and keeps the register of the members of the company.
Karen - Sales Director
Kaz helps make a record of the books sold so that Finance can work out the accounts easier.
Sabra - Advisor
Gives valuable advice and has helped motivate the company. She's helped with prizes for our fund-raising raffle.