The findings from the impact of the Bristol Pregnancy and Domestic Violence Programme to promote the introduction of routine antenatal enquiry for domestic violence at North Bristol NHS Trust are now available, to obtain the executive summary, please click the icon below to download the PDF document.

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Domestic violence in pregnancy

Helping midwives and other health professionals identify and manage domestic violence in pregnancy

Welcome to this website focusing on domestic violence in pregnancy – a site designed to deliver practical help to midwives and other health professionals working with pregnant women.

If you work in this field, the site can help you engage with and effectively support pregnant women who experience domestic violence, ultimately improving their health.

The need for this site is clear. There are three main risk factors for experiencing domestic abuse - namely being a women, being pregnant and being between 16-24 years old. All women who experience domestic abuse will have individual, and sometimes complex needs.

This website is funded by the Department of Health. It is part of an ongoing impact evaluation assessing the training and support provided for midwives during the introduction of routine antenatal enquiry for domestic violence. The independent evaluation is being undertaken by the University of the West of England, Bristol. Click here to find out more about the research project behind this domestic violence in pregnancy website initiative.