Some participant feedback from the training events:

quote beginsGood, well thought out facilitation. Well organised, interactive, informative, challenging, yet encouraging – a good day.quote end

quote beginsThe different physical exercises were great – I would never have believed it would help me to relax, wow! I learnt that I could conquer my nerves and lessen them.quote end

quote beginsThe whole day was informative and enjoyable.
Really good, individual and original training style, very creative, brilliant!quote end

quote beginsThe training was well presented and facilitated. It was fun, exciting, informative and very well planned. Excellent. Highly beneficial for my personal and professional life.quote end

quote beginsDown to earth, fun, friendly and considerate to the group’s feelings; the facilitators worked well with the changing feel of the group, excellent!quote end






The Client

Bristol-based charity


The Need

The client works with a wide range of service users within Bristol, providing a valuable link and communication route between the community and numerous funding agencies. The organisation performs an important role in establishing trust with service users as well as gathering and dissemination critical information.

Flourish was invited to provide 3 training days to address key communication issues to develop the team’s effectiveness in working with each other, service users and local authority agencies.


Design & Delivery

An important starting point for our design process is that we understand the culture and specific issues facing the organisation. We research and then incorporate real scenarios, situations and challenges within the training that face participants in their working life.

The purpose of the first training day was to raise participants’ self-awareness and improve their Communication Skills. We designed the day using a number of fun warm-ups and introducing the concept of communication in the broadest sense, working with the body, the breath and voice. Exercises blended energy, physicality and an awareness of self. After working on an individual basis, we introduced exercises interacting in different emotional states, noticing the effect on body, mood and confidence levels. Time was spent after each exercise on reflection, insight and learning points.

Given the organisational need for participants to communicate effectively on all levels, we designed the afternoon around the concept of status. Using theatre and drama exercises, the group explored ways of interacting in a variety of situations relevant to their workplace – operating at different levels of authority and confidence. Reflection made conscious what participants noticed at a physical, emotional and attitudinal level. We worked on empathy, flexibility and confidence.

We designed the second training day using a similar creative approach. The focus was on Presentation Skills. Inviting the group to think laterally, and to move, interact, feel, express in ways that would take them out of their comfort zone, exercises were designed to energise, inspire and develop awareness. Drawing on classic theatrical techniques, drama-based warm-ups and preparatory exercises, participants developed self-awareness, confidence and a wide range of practical skills to enhance their performance in giving effective and engaging presentations.
Working with participants on developing Interviewing Skills, the third training day was also anchored in self and body awareness, with specific emphasis on accessing a neutral sate of being. Participants were invited to explore the setting of intention, a variety of listening skills, reading body language in others and developing clarity of their own state. The day blended theatre, coaching skills and body-work regularly punctuated by reflective time and feedback from the group. We worked with participants to raise awareness on accessing different states of being (ego states) in order to effectively empathise and relate to interviewees.


The Outcome

Blending challenge with support; expressive enjoyment with intelligent reflection, the interactive, dynamic training approach opened participants’ hearts and minds, enabling them to learn experientially. Participants reported back significant improvement in confidence levels, self-awareness and honed communication skills, presentation skills and the ability to conduct effective, purposeful interviews.