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Joint Project by Doshisha University and University of London, Japan Research Centre, SOAS

Innovation of Tradition: New Challenges for Kyoto’s Craftsmen Companies –
Shinzaburo Hanpu and Karacho

The symposium will be hosted jointly by Doshisha University and SOAS University of London. By providing a fresh vantage point, the symposium hopes to further debate on social and cultural theory on Japan and Kyoto. This symposium aims, through a unique partnership of the two universities, to stimulate broader interest in Japan and the UK in the world of Kyoto craftsmanship – traditions which have undoubtedly shaped the foundations not only of Kyoto culture, but Japanese culture in general. Public exhibitions to both students and citizens will be offered in hopes that international ties between the two universities and local communities will be further strengthened.


Mr. Kenkichi Senda
Present Master
of Karacho
Mr. Shinzaburo Ichizawa
President of
Shinzaburo Hampu
Professor Hirofumi Uzawa
Fellow, Research Center of
Social Common Capital,
Doshisha University
Professor Toshio Watanabe Chelsea College of Art
and Design
Dr. Takashi Nishimura
Professor of
Doshisha University


Innovation of Tradition: New Challenges for Kyoto’s Craftsmen Companies –
Shinzaburo Hanpu and Karacho

Date: Friday 9 November, 2007
Place: Khalili Lecture Theatre, SOAS
Time: 13.00 - 18.00
Chair: Prof. Andrew Gerstle (SOAS)

12:30Symposium Picture

Opening address (Prof.Andrew Gerstle,SOAS)

Welcome address (Professor Paul Webley, Director of SOAS)


Welcome address (Dr. Eiji Hatta, President of Doshisha Univ)

Keynote lecture "Innovation of the Tradition, the New Challenge by the Craftsperson Company in Kyoto" (Profesor Takashi Nishimura, Doshisha University)

Lecture 1 "Kyoto as Common Social Capital" (Professor Hirofumi Uzawa, Research Center of Social Common Capital, Doshisha University)

Lecture 2 "The reception of tradition in history: The case of Kyoto gardens" (Professor Toshio Watanabe, Chelsea College of Art and Design)

Tea Break

Lecture 3 “Ichizawa Shinzaburo Hanpu - Traditional crafts and trade” (Shinzaburo Ichizawa, President of Shinzaburo Hampu)

Lecture 4 “Karacho’s World and trading”

(Kenkichi Senda , Present Master of Karacho)



Admission freeclick here to register

Admissions to this event has been made free thanks to the full support of the Japan Research Center of London University SOAS and in the interest of encouraging the participation of British and European researchers, students, companies, and others interested in Japan. We kindly request those interested in the event to register via this homepage.

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