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Solids Management Solutions - CyFlo™

Our design capability is supported by our purpose built laboratory facility, which enables us to rapidly develop and test solutions, to solve hydrotransportation problems across a variety of different industries.

At the heart of the laboratory is a purpose designed test rig and test pipe loop, constructed to optimise and demonstrate the customer’s, as well as our own, materials being transported with the CyFlo™.

The specialist development team within DPS have been heavily involved in devising and developing designs for a number of market leading fluidisers – the patented CyFlo™ fluidizer, with no moving parts, enables solids to be fluidized and mobilized, allowing solids to discharge into a pipe line at the correct concentration, pressure and flow to overcome the frictional losses of the pipe line.

It provides the ability to transport solids over short or long distances, and so offers economical, environmental and safety advantages when compared means. The slurry pipe line may be installed over ground or underground surface - therefore being sensitive to the surrounding areas too avoiding environmental and planning issues.

As sand removal and handling experts, DPS have the knowledge and ability to supply complete bespoke / tailored solutions regardless of the fluidiser selected – we specialise in solids management, not just removal.

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